Workplace-How Much Important for Business Goal

In negative workplace often gossip being between employees and associated department head. Lack of transparency in hr policy occurred in negative workplace and employee uses their power jealously and inequality manner. Often it has been seen in negative work place employee turn his/her view defensive and protective tone to execute their operation in hide mind setup, due to this the organisation turns into negative work environment and finally the organisation failure to achieve business goal. Workplace negativity tends the result of a loss employee confidence such as team work that ultimately downwards the organisational growth.

When negativity takes over in the organisation, employee pace for business goal tends to stay with proven methods to the employee among various level of operation like production department, product review and in purchase and sale also. A negative work atmosphere counteracts the feeling of innovation that can help a company to create new products or develop more efficient ways of doing business. When the workplace becomes antagonistic in nature, employee do not feel the need to share their ideas with among employee. So new ideas are not circulated often, and the company does not move forward due operational negative work culture.

Workplace negativity is carried a lack of critical opinions, strategic thoughts and innovative new ideas. There is also quite a bit of dominating behaviour between department head in their operation, sale & purchase decision and accusation between top level official.

Following are the causes due employee negativity occur:

  • An excessive workload and boredom work culture.
  • Lack of management’s ability to lead the company goal
  • Lack of worker interest like Job and retirement security
  • Lack of challenge in their work, with boredom intensifying existing frustration about workload
  • Insufficient recognition worked out of employee and unequally compensation between employee.