Pay Commission Role to Save Employee Rights

The Indian government recently showed a green flag to the seventh pay commission report, and now the central, state and local body government employees are getting a hiked salary. Indian government reviews the salary structure of government employees in every ten years and make the necessary changes in the form of allowances, pay hike, and other benefits. It is noticeable that the function of the pay commission is not only to give hike in salary but also provide maximum employee benefits and protect the rights of an employee.

Government jobs in India are the high paying jobs as compared to private sector jobs. The pay commission keeps all the monetary needs of an employee in mind. Apart from the basic salary, pay commission secures a dearness allowance, travelling allowance, and house rent allowance to all the employees. Further, there are benefits for the employees working in harsh conditions. For instance, a soldier working in the snow cladded mountains gets the extra monetary benefit for working in harsh terrains, or a government doctor who is not practicing gets a non-practicing allowance. There are several benefits for working women as well. A pregnant woman government employee gets a maternity leave of 26 weeks, which she can avail during or post childbirth. In the case of miscarriage, a woman government employee gets six weeks paid leave. A male government employee gets 15 days of paternity leave post childbirth.

Sometimes a woman needs to focus on her children’s care to ensure their healthy and bright future, but she has to sacrifice her personal life in the way of performing her duties. For such situations, pay commission has made a provision called child care leave, which can extend up to two years in severe conditions. If a male employee is a single parent, then he can also avail this child care leave facility that is a fully paid leave.

Till now we have discussed the in-service benefits, but the pay commission also takes care of the retired employees of government services. There are hikes in pension along with the regular salaries for the retired people. According to pay commission guidelines, it is mandatory to save a minimum amount of salary as the provident fund, which will provide post-retirement financial assistance to the employees. The pay commission protects the right of the employees to make a better work culture in the government offices.