Promising Career Opportunities For Indian Citizen In 2017

The year 2016 saw a lot of up and down in the Indian industry and market, which also affected the rate of employment generation in the country. There were not enough job opportunities available in the market, and the ones which were available didn’t pay well. But things can be seen getting better in 2017 with the rising economic activities and the growing demands. The Indian market is gradually reaching towards stability and companies are now on a hiring spree. Here, we will talk about some of the favorable career prospects available for Indian citizens this year.

Software Industry

With the digitization process throughout the nation, there is the requirement of developing websites and apps for every business and product. To develop these interfaces, many software techies like developers, designers, testers, etc. are required. Therefore, there is going to be tremendous job opportunities in the software industry to cater the need of digitized India.

Banking Industry

Indian government introduced the scheme of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana in 2014 under which bank accounts were opened with no minimum balance. 1.5 Crore accounts were opened under this scheme through which all the account holders get connected to the financial services of the Banking sector. With the rising transactions and other banking activities increases the employment opportunities in this area. More job prospects are to be created in the banking industry in the coming years.

Hospitality and Tourism

With the flourishing tourism not just from the outside countries but within the country as well, tourism and hospitality sector seems to be the intelligent choice for laying out the best career plan. Hotel Industry is the booming sector in India, and so are the job opportunities it offers. From manager to front office executives, from housekeeper to the chefs, there are ample employment opportunities available in this sector.

Social Media Management

Due to the advancement of social networking among the people of all age groups, companies and businesses have started promoting themselves on every social media platform available. To maintain the online profiles of these businesses arise the need of social media managers and that too in bulk. So, social media analysts will be quite in demand in the running as well as the coming years.