Career Development

We come out of college with fresh energy and assume that things will fall in their place and we will get an excellent job. After that, things will again fall into place, and our salary will grow exponentially. Well, sadly things never fall into place themselves, we have to plan them. People should refrain from this wishful innocence and design their career in a systematic way. Career development program is a planned way of achieving career goals with regular efforts and skill enhancement. There is a myriad of people, who are involved in a career not meant for them. In the other category, there are people whose growth is either stagnant or very slow-paced. To claim the desired success, a job seeker has to go through the career development cycle.

Basic Guidelines for Job Seekers

Job-hunting is an arduous task, but if done by applying efficient job-search techniques can become quite convenient. So here are some useful guidelines for job seekers-

  • A polished resume is a must for both fresher job and experienced with the relevant information about qualification and academic achievements.
  • Assess your skills and abilities to determine your career goals. Take the help of career counseling in deciding your career choices.
  • Always network with the people working in your area of interest. They keep you updated about upcoming interviews and recruitment drive.
  • Attend job fairs and read career articles to find out the reality and expectations of the job market.
  • Invest quality time and put your best efforts in the job-search.
  • Evaluate the job offer to decide if it suits your skills and expectations.
  • Handle the rejection positively and focus your energy towards job-search efficiently.