Challenges of Identifying Right Candidate

Hiring a right candidate for a company is quite a difficult task. Apart from the essential job skills and educational qualification, various other aspects affect the talent acquisition process in an organization. To recruit a candidate for an open position is a long procedure and determining whether the selected candidate will be the right fit is tough. Here are some of the major challenges that companies face while recognizing the right candidate.

Resume Bluffing

To scan through the resumes is the first job of reputed executive search firms towards the righttalent search. You identify the required set of skills such as qualification, experience, and professional skills of the candidates through their resumes. But all that glitters is not always gold. It is not unknown how candidates bluff a lot in their resumes, especially the fresher. To make their profiles look fancy, candidates tend to add extra professional skills which they don’t have. It bluffs the whole recruiting process and increases the workload for recruiters.

Lack of Good Communication Skills

Sometimes even the highly skilled and experienced candidates lack good communication skills that could become an obstacle in their path of implementing innovative ideas for the growth of an organisation. Therefore, both the employee and employer suffer in achieving the long-term career goals. To find the right fit for an open position that is dexterous in all areas becomes a very demanding task of the talent acquisition.

Hard to Judge Leadership Qualities

Some job positions demand elementary professional skills, but there are others which require particular skills like leadership qualities, management ability, etc. It is tough to gauge these skills within a candidate through a resume or interview process. These skills could only be tested by scanning the working process of a candidate. Therefore, to find out a self-motivated candidate who could guide a whole team or organization is a challenging responsibility.