Disaster Planning

Human resources play important roles in farm businesses of all sizes. Orientation and training matter as much for one employee as for 20 employees. A business with just two people can have serious conflicts due to improper empolyee disaster planning. No team of people is so small as to avoid the need to search effective solution for risk management.

Crisis management of Human resource or Employee disaster management is the process by which an organization deals with a major event to reduce the risk of threatens to harm the organization in terms of maintain company trust, impact of productivity and maintain the ratio of demand and production. The study of crisis management originated with the large-scale industrial and environmental disasters to reduce risk of harms due to lack of human resource.It is considered to be the one of most important process in the field of Recruitment process.

Crisis or disaster management is key to plan how to manage their work during high resource of working hours are needed in particular time frame. Many crisis management plans and business continuity plans include changes to employees current work schedules, Working hours and temporary hiring or transforming the work to freelance. Some employees may already be working a compressed tight schedule So in some time the company management couldn't compressed in their work. During an emergency, employers may be forced to close temporarily Staffing. Some employees may not be able to do any work if the office is closed. Others may be able to continue working but must work from home. Another issue that can arise is if employees are called in and asked to work extra hours after an emergency to maintain pace of demand and production. All of these scenarios bring up wage and hour issues, such as overtime.