Employee Induction- A Window of Company Operations

Employee Induction

An organization works as a machine using various components to perform the function of the company. These components are the employees of the company and like every machine the new components, after some time, replace its older counterparts. In the case of a company, the newer components are the newly employed human resource that requires an orientation program. This orientation program is termed as an Employee Induction Process.

Purpose of the Employee Induction

The major purpose of the Employee induction process is as follows:

  • The Amalgamation of Team: To achieve maximum productivity in an organization there should be a proper understanding between the team members so that they can work as a whole to meet the expectations of the company.
  • To Cultivate a Sense of Belonging: An employee induction program ensures that an employee gets familiar with the environment and his colleagues of the company. It nurtures a sense of belonging that helps a new employee to get acclimatized with the professional air of the place.
  • To Understand the Strategies and Policies of the Company: Each Company has its ways of dealing with its client and for other processes. The induction of employee makes them aware of the strategies and policies of the company. This awareness helps them to familiarize with the customs and expectations of the organization to rapidly touch the highest efficiency.

The employee induction program is a specially designed program for the freshly recruited employee or for those who have switched their organization. The induction of employee ensures that the newly employed human resource will understand the core values, working style, major clients, organizational structure, and the history of the company that will prepare them for maximum productivity.