Self Assessment

Counseling plays a crucial role in self-assessment, carrying out important decisions regarding life, mapping the career graph, and providing emotional support at tough times. A counselor is a professional friend who suggests nothing but the best in every situation. With this expert friend, you can discuss all your problems and issues, which sometimes you could not talk about with your friends and family. Career counseling is an important aspect of counseling that is a must for job seekers to eliminate any confusion in making career choices and to understand the skills and talent required to fulfill career goals. An effective counseling session must emphasize on the following factors-

Emotionl Counselling

The purpose of Emotional Counseling is to prepare people psychologically to deal with certain situations and incidents. Emotional Counseling acts as a moral support to emerge from the conflicts and teach how the failed attempts are not the end of the world. It motivates you to perform better in affirmative situations and to handle the rejections positively and convert it into approvals. The essential purpose of this counseling is to make an individual mentally strong to fight and survive in difficult situations.

Career Counselling

Be it a fresh graduate or an experienced manager; everyone requires career counseling to map out their career development plan. Career Counseling helps you to find out your job of interest, to understand the capabilities and skills required for specific jobs, and to make the right career choices. It aids you to comprehend the job market scenario and expectations. Career Counseling assists you with several sources of career information and to sort out the best option out of all available resources. It is advisable to all professionals to opt for counseling at the very beginning of their career for better job prospects.

Guidance Counselling

Guidance Counseling works on the overall development of an individual. It guides students and professionals in their educational and career development, personal advancement, and social growth. The different purpose of guidance counseling is to determine the area of interests of individuals, evaluate their talent and skills and analyze their emotional and intelligence quotient. Based on all these factors, the guidance counselor prepares a chart and recommends the best opportunity available in the field of the educational, professional and personal front. Guidance counselors apply various methods and procedures such as one-on-one sessions and psychometric tests to evaluate the potential of an individual and guide them further.