Student Tips - How to Attract Best Employer Like MNC'c

In today’s world when there are thousands of aspirants for every single job application, it is tough to build a unique resume that can grab employer’s attention. Your resume should hold the essential qualification and skills that can help you get a job in the multinational company. Along with the resume, you need to make your social networking presence powerful to come across the potential employers. Here are a few tips for Resume Writing and growing your social networking existence that can land you an interview with the best MNC’s.

Keep It to the Point

Write a short and direct objective in your resume that illustrates your profession, years of experience, and career goals. It will help employers to identify if you are a prospective candidate for the job.

Describe Your Skills and Accomplishments

Mention the skills that you have acquired over time and applied to your previous jobs. Don’t forget to talk about the accomplishment that you have achieved in your job term so far. Including these talents and abilities makes your CV attractive and grasps the attention of MNC’s.

Amend Your CV According To the Job Description

You might be proficient in several skills, but while sending out the resume for a particular position, mention only the relevant skills required for the job. Include specific keywords in your CV mentioned in the job descriptions; it will make your profile more searchable on job portals.

A Uniform Structure

Uniformity in the structure is an important aspect of Resume Writing. Keep the font size and type consistently for headings and sub-text throughout the resume. It will make your resume interesting and eye-catching.

Avoid Grammatical and Punctuation Errors

You can’t afford to make grammatical mistakes in your Resume. It can cost you the job for which you are proficient. Check your resume wisely or get it checked by an expert before sending it out for a job application.

Update Your Social Networking Profile

Some of the best MNC’s looks through the social networking profiles on LinkedIn, Jobster, Craigslist, etc. in search of potential employees. Make sure your profile is updated on these websites so that you don’t run out on exclusive job opportunities.